Philémonne is an entrepreneurial design-strategist and design-researcher, specialised in the semi-public sector. She is fascinated by fascination is the role of design (interventions) in shaping societies- always in interplay with stakeholder diversity and political, organisational or social structures.


Multi-stakeholder project management / Political, administrative and cultural sensitivity

Strategic Design / Service Design / Participatory Innovation / Co-Design / Workshop & process facilitation

Qualitative research / Action Research / Design-Research / Ethnography

Interaction Design / Mock-up prototyping / Design Thinking

Value Propositions / Business modelling / Customer journeys / Visual storytelling

Presenting / Coaching / Independent working / Multi-disciplinary teamwork


Philémonne Jaasma was born in Sittard, The Netherlands, on the 21st of July in 1991. After obtaining her Gymnasium diploma in 2009 at Pleincollege Bisschop Bekkers in Eindhoven, she studied Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. She graduated cum laude from both the Bachelor’s (2012) and the Master’s programme (2014). During her Bachelor’s she did an internship on co-creation with Waag Society in Amsterdam. She developed a focus on social design and multi-stakeholder projects, especially in the (semi-)public sector. Her Bachelor graduation project resulted in A Little Something, a personalised gift-giving package that was sold in web-shops, design stores (Dutch Design Year, WAAR, YKSI) and at the Helsinki Design Week. During her Master’s, Philémonne did research on citizen engagement through embodiment, in Eindhoven and North Sweden in collaboration with RI.SE Interactive Umeå, Woonbedrijf and the municipality of Eindhoven. She took extracurricular courses to obtain the Certificate for Technology, Development and Globalisation. Philémonne graduated on a co-design project for situated learning(- by-doing) within the local community of Abetifi, Ghana, in collaboration with the AMO Programme and Stichting Abacus. 

During her studies, Philémonne worked for consultancies and housing corporations as freelance designer: developing visual communications, co-design processes and mediating tools for multi-stakeholder collaboration. She volunteered at the Asylum Seeker Centre in Eindhoven and is board member of two foundations: IDea, the foundation for Industrial Design Eindhoven Alumni and foundation Tante Netty, a social design collective. 

In 2014 Philémonne started a PhD project at the Eindhoven University of Technology, of which the results are presented in this dissertation. During the PhD Philémonne coached various student (graduation) projects, attended the Leapfrog summer school on Action Research and presented her work at numerous venues in the sectors of Smart Cities, public governance and interaction design. Philémonne designed and developed [X]Changing Perspectives: an interactive system for multi-stakeholder consultations, specifically aimed for participation in local governance. 

[X]Changing Perspectives was nominated for the Social Design Award (2017) and exhibited at several Dutch Design Weeks and European Innovation conventions. During the course of her doctoral work, Philémonne partnered with (semi-)public sector clients to realise 22 [X] Changing Perspectives sessions on real-life public issues, with a total of ±850 participating stakeholders. While writing this thesis, Philémonne managed the production process of the first batch of 50 [X]Changing Perspectives tables to be used for future multi-stakeholder sessions.

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